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The camera module business unit is equipped with a small USB CAMERA mounted on semiconductor inspection equipment, microscope, counterfeit discrimination machine, portable robot equipment, educational equipment, screen golf, ATM, CCTV and auxiliary mobile robotic equipment for handicapped people, laptop, UMPC, tablet PC, smart refrigerator We develop and manufacture CCM modules for various sensor applications such as robot cleaner (SLAM), smart air conditioner, IP CAM, vehicle surround view system, black box, IR Motion Detector and airport service robot.

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Sensor + ISP + USB module.

Board type: FPCB, FR-4 Signal interface: USB (UVC supported)

Resolution: VGA ~ 5M, FOV H: 60 ~ 180degree, IR: 780 ~ 980nm


Sensor, Sensor + ISP.

Board type: PLCC, FPCB, Signal interface: Parallel, MIPI

Resolution: VGA ~ 5M, FOV H: 60 ~ 180degree, IR: 780 ~ 980nm


VGA, 2M, HD, FHD, 5M, 8M, 14M lens.
Manufacture and sell ultra wide-angle lenses of 210° or higher from standard lenses.
Design and manufacture optical filters in a variety of specifications